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So, what is Wattl?

Massive video world

Using patent pending technology, content is shown on a massive zoomable video grid.

No algorithms

Unlike other platforms, there is no algorithm to decide if your content gets shown - if it's on the grid it will be seen.

If content is popular it stays, otherwise it fades away.

Wattl is about communities - it is the community that curates the content. We are working towards a fully community moderated platform.

Your choice

You chose where to put your content - it could be next to top influencers, in areas of similar content, or on its own to start a new trend.

Upload content from other places : YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, URLs, photos or videos from your phone.

Safe and trusted

AI Moderated, image recognition to restrict explicit content.

Trusted, ethical family business.

UK based company


Emma Ryan, CEO

Wattl’s unique video sharing platform is an innovative way in which videos are brought together in one place for people to enjoy, making it easier for users to watch and share content. It also provides companies with the opportunity to share their videos with wider audiences.

Dr. Matthew Ryan, CTO

We have worked hard to develop a truly innovative product that delivers a new way to expore video content. For the first time, users can navigate a massive zoomable video grid of constantly playing videos. This technology has taken a number of years to create and now has a patent pending.